Ryukyu Corazon in Kochinda gymnasium!


I hate hi - yasassa!
Hello, ω)


The 43rd Japan handball league home war is held in Kochinda gymnasium of Yaese-cho!

Please carry everybody right or wrong foot!


By the way, as for Yaese townsmans, 11/25 (VS TOYOTA BOSHOKU Kyushu) seems to be anything and nanana, anything and no charge for admission!

 As for the held details in Kochinda, Yaese-cho gymnasium, please see the following.


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 Schedule: Sunday, November 25, 2018

Time: 14:00 start
Place: Kochinda gymnasium
Ticket: Advance ticket (adult 1,700 yen U-18\700)

              ※Less than primary schoolchild are free

      ※Sale on that day is +300 yen

     (we can purchase in FamilyMart)

Question go se

Ryukyu Corazon secretariat 098-917-2347

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