We installed Halloween photo booth!

We take photograph, and let's get cake♪

I hate hi - yasassa!
', ω)


Season of Halloween did it!


From south station yaesedeha, Saturday, October 20

We install Halloween photo booth!

As for the friend big as for the small friend,

Do favorite disguise; and is knob tchaimasho \(ˆoˆ)/ in photograph

●◯Halloween photo party◯●



Schedule ▶︎2018 age from Saturday, October 20 to 31st Wednesday
Sightseeing in place ▶︎ Yaese-cho base facilities "south station pseudo-" (659, Gushichan, Yaese-cho)

Let I am shooting shiteitadaitakowa ... and display photograph by all means!


Disguise goods are also \(ˆoˆ)/ during rental what in photospot neighborhood, too

We will copy with a choice of favorite thing casually on the spot even if we do not disguise ourselves♪


When post on SNS; "# south station pseudo-", attach o!

Of course we present cake to one that he/she took a picture of!

Halloween-colored balloon will get, too!

Everybody comes to play by all means; tekudasaine \ (^^)/


In the first floor of Yaese-cho government office townsman hall,

We installed Halloween photo booth!




As for the photograph which we photographed here,

We get cake and balloon when we show south station yaesede♫
In designed one different from south station yaeseno photo booth

At this chance it may be pleasant to take photograph at two places


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