The second and pseudo-hand i city

……Typhoon approaches

I hate hi - yasassa

Hello, ω,) ☀︎


Holding finally approached this Saturday,

"Pseudo-hand i city!"


We sell only handmade miscellaneous goods to the world,

We perform workshop.


Come to play with your friends; tekuda……
Hey, it is year! !
Typhoon approaches! !
Besides, we seem to be day of hand i city


For the time being,
In case of rain "south station pseudo-"; indoor
We are going to hold,
When it is typhoon…Hey…

What will really happen?…

The second and pseudo-hand i city



Schedule ▶︎2018 age Saturday, September 29
Time ▶︎10:00 - 17:00

Place ▶︎ south station pseudo-(659, Gushichan, Yaese-cho)


People from branch are decided, too,

Preparations are susumi ndeorimasuyo \ (^^)/ steadily


◆Sale booth
*Pierced earrings / earrings
*Thor paint
*Lacework miscellaneous goods
*Paperwork miscellaneous goods



◆Workshop booth
*The making of candle
*The making of aroma sachet
*The making of key ring
*The making of accessories of shellfish
*Painting experience of dinosaur
*miyarabikokeshino painting experience
*In sand picture the making of bookmark



It is small portion to introduce in this!


From stylish miscellaneous goods to pleasant workshop,
ヽ ('▽`) / where both adult and child become contents of great satisfaction


On the day until from 11:00 to 12:00

We arrange story-telling time of picture book by volunteer everybody


As for yaeseno she,
We are going to come to play whimsically!

……But! Typhoon ('Д`) that how about


We are going to hold for the moment,
Because course of typhoon is not decided clearly,

We are going to judge on seeing state in the last of the held right or wrong on this Thursday (27th).


At that time, we will tell again!
Request, typhoon next naide (T_T)


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