Recruitment of person from branch University!

This time…! This time…!

I hate hi - yasassa

Good evening ω)


[under recruitment of held decision & branch person University! !]



Of person producing handmade work in Yaese-cho

Handmade city "pseudo-hand i city."



It was called off under the influence of typhoon 24 last time…
Holding on Friday (holiday) on November 23 on the next time
ヽ ('▽`) / which we decided

Request! Can hold this time!


Some other time by the name of "the second hand i city"

We hold!


[the second and pseudo-hand i city]
Schedule ▶︎2018 11 a year 23 days a month Friday (holiday)
Time ▶︎10:00 - 17:00

Place ▶︎ south station pseudo-(659, Gushichan, Yaese-cho)


It is recruiting people from branch very much this time


Edge (native place / resident / commuting) is in Yaese-cho,
Application of one where handmade miscellaneous goods are produced

We look forward to♪


In south station and pseudo-facility,
Workshop which both adult and child can enjoy is scheduled!
It is recruiting people from this branch!

We know a lot about branch essential points, and please see attached document!

20181004110122_00001 20181004110122_00002 20181004110122_00003


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▼We search in "yaesetown"!
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