This and pseudo-hand i city! It will be held next week at last!

Handmade miscellaneous goods & workshop flocks!

I hate hi - yasassa
Hello, ω)


It is handmade miscellaneous goods of various places with relationship in Yaese-cho

Workshops (actually) gathered

"The second and pseudo-hand i city"

We finally approached next week!


Last time by approach of typhoon,

Unfortunately it is postponed…


But this time! This time!

We believe that we can hold (`_')


Is that plan can begin now, everyone, ♡?


●◯This and pseudo-hand i city◯●



Schedule: November 23, 2018 Friday (holiday)
Time: From 10:00 to 17:00
Venue: South station pseudo-(659, Gushichan, Yaese-cho)


Until handmade work sale, workshop, experience!
The world has only one,

It keeps heartfelt original works.


There was such a pretty thing in Yaese!
There is craftsman making such a wonderful thing!


We should be waiting for such an impression♪


The first day of three rests,

It is held south station yaesede by all means

To "pseudo-hand i city"

Please come to play; \ (^^)/


As for yaeseno she,

We look forward to in venue


Including different news and,

\ (^^)/ not to mow to announce the day after tomorrow


Instagram is open, too
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