Forest of horohoro

Forest sings in praise of life and plays freedom and invites to *.

The forest is enjoying life,
emanating freedom and inviting blue.

Forest of horohoro

Forest of horohoro

Call and, in the natural walk road of about 600m to lead to Gushichan Beach, is got close to forest of horohoro in inhabitants. "horohoro" is thicket cinnamon tree. It is ogomadara and forest of life among living things more than 100 kinds including buttocks Ken newt.

Melody of forest spins and goes,
Magnificent drama

Forest where there comes across sound of life. We will know magnificent drama which many melodies spin, and goes one step foot if we step. Humming of wind colors prologue of forest, and small bird adds hum to rhythm of sunshine filtering through foliage. Small butterfly has begun to fly in solo if we advanced while listening carefully. Will you totally guide? When obey such a willful step, on hill which is small all too soon in there. Zaza, zaza ... Sound that was powerful distantly to establish conventional melody anew approached. Even if we want to ask the real identity, where is fairy of forest flutteringly? Azure to glisten far jumped when we looked ahead again again.

All lives sound,
Forest plays freedom to live today

Okay, Gushichan Beach where connected point of this forest continues forever. The area finally changes the constitution from trees of forest into plant of the sea if we notice. When we let flavor of the tide make heart excited and can pull green shadow with cymbals of light, we invite the finale of the ocean in climax of step of forest. Is solemn delicately, in boldness. As for sound and wind and light and the shadow all "kyokizukyoku" of nature. Art when we spin at will from forest to the sea does not have the same thing for one. All lives sound, and forest plays freedom to live today.


The location: 〒 901-0512 668-3, Gushichan, Yaese-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa

There is parking lot free to do free visit