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Basic policy of homepage administration

In Yaese-cho, anyone realizes homepage where necessary information is obtained surely quickly and, for the purpose of sending local image of Yaese-cho to the whole country widely in homepage, applies homepage based on the next basic policy.

1.Easiness of search for of information of homepage, realization of usability

We aim at user doing necessary information with quickness and homepage provided surely and plan realization of rearranging and menu setting of plain information that considered enough characteristic of user. In addition, we are easy to understand intuitively and act for structure of navigation that it is hard to hesitate about, realization of design which is easy to distinguish placed information, and is easy to read contents.

2.Realization of homepage that it is easy to use for anyone

With or without difference in age or sex, degree of achievement, use of Internet failure, we try for realization of homepage that user can read depending on the situation comfortably.

3.Active collection of voices of user

Not only we realize structure collecting opinions of user positively and send information one-sidedly, but also inspect the way of homepage with user and keep alive for the making of better homepage.

4.Dispatch of local image of Yaese-cho

We act while expressing local charm to tell good point, charm of Yaese-cho to many people to become information dispatch base of Yaese-cho.


Copyright of contents (text, image, PDF, other data) to send to from Yaese-cho homepage belongs to Yaese-cho. In addition, original work author owns copyrights such as some images. We prohibit unauthorized use, reproduction such as document, image on Yaese-cho homepage, the second use. Placed information can download reproduction, use only when we use only for personally and non-profit-making purpose of use. We cannot do reproduction, conversion without permission of Yaese-cho unless it is detected in Copyright Act such as "private use" or "quotation" about all or some information of Yaese-cho homepage.


Yaese-cho does not take responsibility about all acts that user performs using information of Yaese-cho homepage. In addition, for the damage, loss that covered because user accessed Yaese-cho homepage, we do not take responsibility. We may link to homepage that non-Yaese-cho manages in Yaese-cho homepage, but, about the truth of linked contents, cannot take responsibility. Yaese-cho homepage, please note that there is possibility to perform change, deletion, URL change of contents without notice.

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